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2008 Gallant Bloom Handicap


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Indian Blessing in the winner's circle
Indian Blessing in the winner's circle

TIndian Blessing in the winner's circle after the 2008 Gallant Bloom Handicap at Belmont Park

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Winning jockey Corey Nakatani, celebrating his third win on the card, said, "She broke really good, I sat there and I was biding my time. I was pretty patient waiting to call on her turning for home. I called on her, and she kicked away and did what she had to do to win. It's like driving a Ferrari. I spoke with Bob (Baffert) in California the other day and he just said, 'Be patient.' He said that Coa's horse (Zada Belle) would try to drift out a little bit, and so just sneak up on the inside and let her do her thing. I said, 'OK, no problem.' I've been waiting for this."
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