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2009 Futurity Stakes


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D'Funnybone in the paddock
D'Funnybone in the paddock

D'Funnybone in the paddock before the 2009 Futurity Stakes at Belmont Park

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Winning jockey Edgar Prado said, "He ran the way we expected. He was training great in the morning and he was very happy. He broke super and I rode with a lot of confidence today. I know what he's capable of, so I let the other two horses go and sat and waited. I was looking for him to see a target and he was very comfortable there. I think there's room to improve there, because once he took the lead he started goofing around a little bit. Today he gave me a better feeling than last time. Last time I thought he was going to be limited, but today he really opened up and I didn't even have to hit him. I think he's getting better with races and rating well. He's moving the right way."
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