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2009 Travers and King's Bishop Stakes


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Second place finisher Vineyard Haven
Second place finisher Vineyard Haven

Second place finisher after disqualification Vineyard Haven in the post parade for the 2009 King's Bishop Stakes at Saratoga.

© Vanessa Ng
Jockey Alan Garcia said, "He came out of the gate running. Coming for home, he was starting to get a little bit tired and came out at the end. He overreacted when I was trying to bring him back to the inside."

Trainer Saeed bin Suroor added, "I'm very proud. I mean, he won the race, it's just too bad it happened like it did. It was just an accident. The jockey tried to keep him straight - he tried to pull him over two or three times. It's just one of those things that happens in races. I'm happy he's back and that he ran well. We'll find another race for him. I'm pleased, but I'd be more pleased if he had actually won."

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