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2009 Jim Dandy and Diana Stakes


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Second place finisher Warrior's Reward
Second place finisher Warrior's Reward

Second place finisher Warrior's Reward returns after the 2009 Jim Dandy Stakes at Saratoga

©Vanessa Ng
Jockey Calvin Borel said, "I like this colt. I think he'll be alright. He's still learning. He'll run all the way. I wanted to get something out of him today. We're still trying to figure out this horse. We're trying to get him to go long. I know he can do it. His last race threw me off guard when he stumbled. That was supposed to be the prep race for this. I know he'll finish, regardless where you put him."

Trainer Ian Wilkes added, "He was sharp; we were second best. Now, we have to look ahead at the next step with him. If he comes out fine, I'll go ahead (to the Travers). I was pleased. This horse could have folded easily. He could have finished third or fourth. The other two had a chance to beat him; he fought them off. We're closing in on (Kensei). We got beaten 5 1/2 lengths last time. We might have been beaten 2 lengths this time. We'll catch him."

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