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2007 Jim Dandy Stakes


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Second place finisher C P West
Second place finisher C P West

Second place finisher C P West returns after the 2007 Jim Dandy Stakes

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Trainer Carl Nafzger said, "It was a good, solid prep to get him ready for the Travers. I know C P West will probably be back and probably a couple of others and Curlin, too. It's going to be a tough race. You should see a horse with more timing, more rhythm and more fitness than he had today. He has a race over the track now; that should be an advantage."

The announced attendance of 46,876 was inflated because of the baseball cap giveaway, but many did stay for the main event and loud cheers greeted Street Sense wherever he went. This spooked him and some of the others in the paddock, leading every trainer to saddle his horse in the stalls away from the crowd rather than under the trees.

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