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2007 Northern Dancer Breeders' Cup Turf Results


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Sky Conqueror parades
Sky Conqueror parades

Sky Conqueror parades after winning the Northern Dancer Breeders' Cup

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Winning jockey Edgar Prado, who won both graded stakes races on the card, said, "He knows the course; I was a very lucky passenger the whole way around. He broke running out of the gate, I saw a couple for horses go on early, so I was letting him do his own thing, he was very happy in the back of the pack, but every time, I asked him for something, he responded right away. That gave me a great feeling. I didn't have to hit him today, I kind of showed him the stick in the stretch, and he took off. I would love to stay on, as long as I can; I hope that he stays healthy. I watched the DVD of his races and they told me that he is nice horse and that he has a nice kick in the stretch and that's exactly what he did. I stayed at the back of the pack and bided my time and when I asked him, he kicked in strong."
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