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2009 Mother Goose Stakes Results


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Rachel Alexandra at the barn
Rachel Alexandra at the barn

Rachel Alexandra at the barn after the Mother Goose Stakes at Belmont Park

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Just 12 hours after the race, Rachel Alexandra was vanned to Saratoga Race Course where she will spend the rest of the summer. Trainer Steve Asmussen said, "She ran a big race. I think (jockey) Calvin (Borel) said it best, she's not normal. The best way to describe it is that she's got an extremely high cruising speed, but obviously, we've known that about her for a long time."

Assistant trainer Scott Blasi, who accompanied the filly, said, "She shipped great. She's settled into Curlin's old stall, which is now her stall, right next to my office. She recovered very well. She seemed strong yesterday and was starving when we fed her last night, and ate everything this morning, as well."

Asmussen refused to speculate on where Rachel Alexandra would start next, saying, "I'm well-versed in that with the Curlin-Big Brown thing last year. I'm just going to worry about her health and happiness, and then we'll sit down and decide what's best for her."

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