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2010 Woodbine Oaks Day Results and Photos


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Roan Inish in the winner's circle
Roan Inish in the winner's circle

Roan Inish in the winner's circle after the 2010 Woodbine Oaks

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Winning trainer Carolyn Costigan said, "As soon as she sees something in front of her, it’s the same as her mother (Inish Glora), her mother actually idled when she got in front. It’s those horses that you’re looking for. You can’t buy heart. They’re the types you try to breed to. You know those horses aren’t going to have an off-day, they’re not going to be moody or bothered about the weather. They know what it is to race. They want to put their nose in front. That’s what she does. It’ll be a year since my first start, in October. It’s exciting. I’ve met the right people. I’ve learned from the right people. I’m very lucky the people who I’ve met have taken an interest in teaching, from Jim Bolger to Sheikh Mohammed’s program (Darley Flying Start). I’m very thankful."

Asked if Roan Inish would take on males in the Queen's Plate, she added, "We’ll go back to the barn and see how she is. She’s a horse that loves a dog-fight. I’m betting she’s probably feeling very good about herself. If it’s right for her, we’ll look at taking on the boys. It all goes back to the horse."

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