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2007 Plate Trial Results and Photos


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Candy sprinkles?
The Polytrack at Woodbine

The Polytrack at Woodbine looks like it has candy sprinkles on it after the new addition of jelly cable bits.

© Terence Dulay
Due to an incorrect wax formula used in the original installation, Woodbine's Polytrack broke down during the cold Toronto winter making for a very loose surface with severe kickback. Martin Collins, Polytrack's manufacturer, renovated the surface in May to improve it. First, a new wax formula was added, and then "jelly cable", the plastic insulation on copper wires, was mixed into the track. You can see the jelly cable in this photo, where it resembles the sprinkles used on ice cream cones and donuts. Woodbine CEO David Willmot said, "You chop it into small pieces, so it forms part of the rubber component. What's important is it has a petroleum jelly content to it. What's becoming clear is that jelly cable is critical to holding the surface together during the colder weather, preventing separation and moderating the effects of weather change."
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