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2007 Plate Trial Results and Photos


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Third place finisher Alezzandro
Third place finisher Alezzandro

Third place finisher Alezzandro in the post parade

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Jockey Jono Jones said, "He was rank early but he ran a great race."

Trainer Kevin Attard said, "He ran his eyeballs out. I'm sure he's going to improve off of this race. It should tighten him up. He was blowing pretty hard and rightfully so. I didn't want to see on the front end. By the same token, nobody wanted the lead. What can you do? He was coming off of a sprint, going 1 1/8 miles in his second start. This was the horse I thought would bring me to the Queen's Plate. This horse had trained fantastic as a baby. I was excited at the time.. He had just come up with some two-year-old problems. We would have liked to have started him earlier. The Plate is at the end of June and they don't change it for you."

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