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2009 Plate Trial Results and Photos


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Second place finisher Southdale
Second place finisher Southdale in the post parade

Second place finisher Southdale in the post parade for the 2009 Plate Trial at Woodbine

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson said, "It was a great trip. He's only had a few races under his belt. He's still learning. He's still got a few more things to figure out. It was his first time going 2 turns and it was an extended 2-turn distance. I'm really happy with the way my horse responded and I think it set him up good for the Plate. He's doing everything right just based on ability. From his last race to this race, the gallop boy has been getting him to switch his leads and getting him to relax. Ideally, if he would do everything I asked him to do, it would be perfect, but he's not always that cooperative. He was a little sharp today."
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