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Belmont Contenders Memorial Day Weekend Workouts


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Big Brown walks the shedrow
Big Brown walks the shedrow at Belmont Park on Sunday

Big Brown walks the shedrow at Belmont Park on Sunday

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May 27, 2008

With two weeks to go before the third jewel of the Triple Crown, several Belmont Stakes contenders were out on the track on Belmont Park each morning of Memorial Day weekend.

Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner Big Brown walked the shedrow and did not gallop on the track due to a "slight" quarter crack, 5/8 inch in length, that was detected on the inside of his left front foot late last week. He did finally go out for a gallop on Tuesday morning.

Hoof specialist Ian McKinlay said, "This injury is nothing remotely close to the two foot injuries he had last fall and winter. Those were wall separations and were very tender. This is just a straight quarter crack that will pretty much heal by itself. We didn't even trim him; the iodine will seep underneath the wall and start speeding up the healing. On Monday, we'll remove a little bit of the wall. Then we'll put a set of wires in and patch it up. We're dealing with something that's designed to heal itself, so we kind of stay out of its way and let it travel its course a little bit. This is a very minor crack, and as long as you don't get aggressive you won't get in trouble. By Wednesday or Thursday it'll be as if his foot was normal."

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