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2009 Toyota Blue Grass Day at Keeneland


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Eternal Star in the winner's circle
Eternal Star in the winner's circle

Eternal Star in the winner's circle for the 2009 Commonwealth Stakes at Keeneland

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Winning jockey Eibar Coa said, "I really had a perfect trip. He broke good. I was a little concerned about the first part of the race because he was going a little slow. But I didn't want to make any changes. I wanted to just stick with my plan, which was to follow some horses. So I had those two horses in front of me, and he picked them off by the half mile so I was pretty happy where I was. When I switched him to the outside, he just gave me what he had."

Trainer Mike Trombetta added, "He's been a lot of fun. He's had some tough beats this year, but this one made up for a lot of those. As I told (Eibar Coa), this was his first time riding him and this is the first time (for Eternal Star to race on) synthetic, this horse is very versatile. He'll run on the lead; he'll run from next to last. He does his thing."

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