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2010 Arkansas Derby


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Line of David in the post parade
Line of David in the post parade

Line of David in the post parade for the 2010 Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn.

Vanessa Ng
Winning jockey Jon Court said, "With John, one thing you can always count on is his horses are fit and ready, and a horse like that you can ride with confidence. We put him on the front end and rolled into that first turn and he was rolling along pretty good but he came back to me. I was a little concerned because we were clipping along pretty good but we weren't losing any ground either. I was just right there in the one path tight against the fence around that first turn so I knew it went pretty quick but then again when you have horses of this caliber at this time of year with the targets everybody has a dream that's in front of them in this prestigious race, you expect them to run those kind of fractions and carry them as well. When I called on him he was full of run through the bridle and he fought very valiantly for the photo."

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