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2010 Dubai World Cup Other Stakes


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Trophy presentation for the UAE Derby
Trophy presentation for the UAE Derby

Trophy presentation for the 2010 UAE Derby at Meydan Racecourse with jockey Christophe Soumillon on the left and trainer Mike de Kock on the right.

Vanessa Ng
Winning jockey Christophe Soumillon said, "I was on a horse with huge potential but who was carrying a lot of weight compared to the others and who was going over this distance for the first time. The race worked out for me as I was able to sit behind the good horses and he proved himself very courageous in the straight. He had to go through the gap and finished like a really good horse."

Trainer Mike de Kock added, "I wasn't sure that he would stay, to be honest, but Christophe thought he would, and he was right. I said before that this was a very very good horse and I hope he'll go very well in Australia. He now knows exactly what to do in the race." This was his 5th UAE Derby winner.

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