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2010 Dubai World Cup and Sheema Classic


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Celebrating with the trophy
Celebrating with the trophy

Gloria De Campeao's trainer Pascal Bary and jockey Tiago Pereira celebrate with the trophy after the 2010 Dubai World Cup at Meydan Racecourse

Vanessa Ng
Winning trainer Pascal Bary said, "If he's alone after he's taken the lead and no one comes after him, it is so difficult to catch him. He wants to fight. He always tries. He has a heart like that," while holding his hands wide apart.

Jockey Tiago Pereira added, "I thought I had won but as we past the post, I looked across and the second jockey was celebrating, so I thought I'd keep quiet and wait for the result. The horse settled in front and I dropped my hands 300 meters out and asked him to kick on. He was so brave and this is all just a dream."

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