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2009 Lane's End Stakes Day


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Third place finisher Proceed Bee
Third place finisher Proceed Bee

Third place finisher Proceed Bee in the paddock before the 2009 Lane's End Stakes

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Jockey Rodney Prescott said, "I had a pretty good trip from the outside. He broke well enough and we're able to save plenty of ground. We didn't have to work to get position. Around the turn, he got out a little but he was still controllable. He ran his eyeballs out. He just got out-footed in the last part."

Trainer Terry Gestes added, "I thought he ran good. We really didn't want to be up that close. We just wanted to get a good position, but it seemed like nobody was sending. Everybody took back at the start, so that put us real close off the lead. It seemed like they were running off the pace a little stronger. The colt relaxed. He did everything fine."

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