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2012 Woodbine Mile Results


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Jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson gets her 1000th win
emma-jayne wilson horse racing

Jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson got her 1000th career victory in the 1st race on 2012 Woodbine Mile day.

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In the first race, a $34,400 maiden claimer for juvenile fillies, jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson collected her 1000th win aboard D'Wildcat Gold. She said, "It's something I've been chasing. For a couple weeks I had a bit of a lull, but it's good to get the milestone and now I'm counting to 1001. Let's go! As we started to pull away from (Perfect Balance), I had a little giggle. It was a little surreal and I just wanted to enjoy the moment for the last 1/8 mile. I knew she was running well and I just giggled through the last 1/16."
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