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2012 Wood Memorial and Bay Shore Stakes


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Trinniberg returns
Trinniberg returns horse racing

Trinniberg heads to the winner's circle after the 2012 Bay Shore Stakes at Aqueduct

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Jockey Willie Martinez said, You should never be too confident going into a race. It's horse racing – anything can happen – but I was overwhelmed with confidence. Once I cleared the chute I knew it was all over. I was just trying to be the passenger. He's the pilot."

The next day trainer Parbhoo added, “I’m still 85% for the Preakness, 15% for the Kentucky Derby. Everybody likes the Derby; I like it, too. Everybody wants to win that race, but if I think he’s not capable of going 1 1/4, why go just to run? I don’t want to ruin the horse and there are so many races for 3-year-olds. His breeding says a mile to 1 1/16, and that’s it. He’s a good horse, and I want to keep him a good horse.”

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