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2012 Southwest Stakes day at Oaklawn Park


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Castaway in the winner's circle
Castaway in the winner's circle

Castaway in the winner's circle after the 2012 Southwest Stakes at Oaklawn Park

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Jimmy Barnes, assistant to trainer Bob Baffert said, "Everyone said we drew bad when we got the 11, but I wasn't that bothered by it," said Baffert's assistant, Jimmy Barnes. "You put them in from the rail out, so they're not in the gate that long. Rafael (Bejarano) did a good job getting him out of the gate and getting over to the rail. I knew we brought two good horses and this one had been getting over the track great all week."

Jockey Rafael Bejarano said, "I thought he won pretty easy. I was right where I wanted to be, especially at the end."

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