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2012 Santa Anita Derby Day


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Second place finisher Creative Cause
Santa Anita Derby second place finisher Creative Cause horse racing

Second place finisher and beaten favorite Creative Cause in the post parade for the 2012 Santa Anita Derby

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Trainer Mike Harrington said, "I thought the horse ran a helluva race. I thought Joel (Rosario) rode him perfectly. The other horse beat us today, but will he beat us next time? I don't know. He was more focused (without blinkers). I mean, he never bobbled today. He ran his race. He just got outrun. That happens in this sport. He's not tired. He'll come out of this race. He ran such a huge race last time (San Felipe), he couldn't improve on that race too much. I mean, how far can you go? He ran a zero Thoro-Graph in the last race, so how much further can you go?"
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