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2012 Louisiana Derby Preview Day


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El Padrino in the winner's circle
El Padrino horse racing

El Padrino in the winner's circle after the 2012 Risen Star Stakes

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Winning trainer Todd Pletcher said, "We're certainly happy enough with the race today that that will be one of our first options," he said. "You hope it's the kind of race that he'll improve forward and become battle-tested a little bit and he's getting a little bit more professional all the time and, hopefully, learning how to win."

Jockey Javier Castellano said, "I was riding head-to-head with her and hitting my horse right-handed and she was hitting left-handed. You know, I thought it not a big deal. Before the wire, we were real tight. We never had big contact, though, and I think it was a good race and a very exciting race."

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