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2012 Yellow Ribbon Handicap


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Halo Dolly in the winner's circle
Halo Dolly in the winner's circle

Halo Dolly in the winner's circle after the 2012 Yellow Ribbon Handicap at Del Mar

© Kelley Carlson
Winning trainer Jerry Hollendorfer said, "Joe, it seems like he rides Halo Dolly perfectly whether she's off the pace or up on the pace. I didn't give him too many instructions. I just told him to let her break and then decide where he wanted to sit and if he got her to relax then she'd probably run good for him. Right now I'd just have to say the key to the horse is that she's just a happy horse. Every day is a good day for her. She does her work willingly and rests willingly and everything is good for her right now."
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