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2012 Saratoga Opening Day


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Pacific Ocean in the winner's circle
Pacific Ocean  in the winner's circle

Pacific Ocean in the winner's circle after the 2012 James Marvin Stakes at Saratoga

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Winning trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. said, "He was training so much better for this race than he was for his last race. In his last race, he had a bad post, there was a lot of speed, he was in a bad spot. Today was different. He had everything going his way. He was sitting on a race. He ran big. I have to see how he comes out of this race. He's not the easiest horse in the world to handle. I have to see how things are and go from there. Naturally, the (Forego) makes sense. It's a big race and he likes this track."
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