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2012 Pacific Classic Day


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Dullahan heads to the winner's circle
Dullahan in the winner's circle

Dullahan heads to the winner's circle after the 2012 Pacific Classic at Del Mar

© Kelley Carlson
Winning jockey Joel Rosario said, "They didn't give me any special instructions. Just said the obvious: he's a closer, save ground if you can, then make a late run. It worked out perfect. He's a one-paced horse. He just goes and goes. When we went for home and I saw (Game On Dude) in front of me, I knew I had a big chance. My horse was coming and coming. He doesn't stop. He's a nice horse; a very nice horse."

Tammy Fox, assistant to winning trainer Dale Romans added, "How about that. Oh my God; he ran great. I'm so glad we can come to California and take the west coast money. They always take our money, now we're taking theirs."

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