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2012 Hollywood Gold Cup Day


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Final Appearance of I'll Have Another before going to Japan
I'll Have Another horse racing

I'll Have Another heads over for his final appearance for the California fans after the third race on Saturday at Betfair Hollywood Park

© Kelley Carlson
After the third race on Saturday, Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I'll Have Another, with jockey Mario GutierrezJ. Paul Reddam and trainer Doug O'Neill.

Before the races, O'Neill and Gutierrez signed autographs for fans. O'Neill said of the long lineup of fans, "It just tells you how many people really love this horse and how horse racing is still alive. I know a lot of people want to throw dirt on the sport and through this I've learned that horse racing is still alive. This is an amazing horse that people fell in love with, including us of course. This is a very special moment for all of us. Looking back at the great year he gave us, it's really a time for all of us to celebrate just a wonderful horse and what he did for all of us. It's been nothing but joy."

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