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2012 Bunty Lawless Stakes


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Jockey Chantal Sutherland retires
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Chantal Sutherland rode the final race of her career aboard Crushin Hard in the Bunty Lawless Stakes at Woodbine.

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Chantal Sutherland's final ride of her career as a jockey was in the Bunty Lawless Stakes aboard Crushin Hard owned by her family's Paradox Farms and her brother Hugh Sutherland, where she finished 7th aboard the 11-1 shot. After the race, Sutherland said, “I love Woodbine, I love riding here. It's nice that I could end it here, where it all started for me. “It’s a very emotional experience. It's sad, but I feel good about the decision and the timing is right for me. I hope to be remembered as a very good jockey.”
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