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2011 Woodward Day


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Havre de Grace heads to the winner's circle
Havre de Grace in the winner's circle

Havre de Grace in the winner's circle after the 2011 Woodward Stakes at Saratoga with owner Rick Porter on the far left and trainer Larry Jones on the far right.

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Winning trainer Larry Jones said, "I think this puts us up there with everyone else (for Horse of the Year). We have to continue on. It's not over today, by any means. By coming here today we gave her the opportunity to move closer to a championship. I think she did it. I think we're in front of the division. She just doesn't have a weak link. She does it on all occasions. Where some of them have so much heart and courage to do it, others have pure speed and class, she's got it all. And when you hook her eyeball-to-eyeball, she just gets tougher."

Owner Rick Porter added, "I think on the East Coast, she just showed she was better than the older males today. I knew Flat Out was coming. I still thought that Ramon had a lot of horse. He wasn't working hard on her until the 1/4 pole. She can get 1 1/8 easier than she can get 1 1/4. She can get 1 1/4 - she was a nose short. I'd like to beat Blind Luck again, but I would also like to win the Classic."

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