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2010 Personal Ensign Stakes


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Persistently in the winner's circle
Persistently in the winner's circle

Persistently in the winner's circle with owner Ogden Phipps after the 2010 Personal Ensign Stakes at Saratoga

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Winning trainer Shug McGaughey, who also trained Personal Ensign, said, "Obviously with a filly like Rachel Alexandra in the race, we knew we were a long shot. But we did think she'd run 1 1/4 miles. It was Mr. Phipps' decision. He said to me, 'If it's going to be a short field; I'd like to give it a try.' The only time she had ever run two turns on the dirt was when she won here earlier in the meet. It's one of those things that pays off. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But today it did. I felt like something was going to be going on up front, and I just wanted (Garcia) to let the race unfold as it did and just kind of be there if she had a chance. I thought that (Rachel Alexandra) might be a little vulnerable going 1 1/4, and I knew we'd run 1 1/4. Her female family runs a long way. We're just tickled to death to win the race, particularly with it being the Personal Ensign. My hat's off to Rachel Alexandra. She runs her heart out every time. She made a beautiful presence in the paddock today. We were just lucky enough to pick up the pieces."
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