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Soumillon and Take tie in International Jockeys Championship


International Jockey Champions

Christophe Soumillion and Yutaka Take tied in the 2004 Hong Kong International Jockey Championship

Hong Kong Jockey Club
Updated December 09, 2004
Christophe Soumillon and Yutaka Take shared the honours in a thrilling finish to the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Jockeys Championship at Happy Valley.

The French based star, Soumillon, and Japanese ace, Take, scored a winner and a third apiece to score sixteen points. It is the first time the Silver Whip trophy and has had joint victors since its inception in 1998.

Take steered Cherished to victory in the first leg of the three races and landed his 100th winner outside his native country in the process. He then got up on the line in the third and final race to make sure Soumillon would have to share the spoils. Each jockey takes home HK$150,000 in prize money.

Soumillon came with a well-time run on hot favourite Mystic Leg to win the third race and add a second International Jockeys Championship trophy following a success in Mauritius last week.

"It is my second time here for the International Jockeys Championship. Last year I was nowhere but it was great fun and good to participate but I wanted to win this time. It is a great experience to ride against the best jockeys in the world and to learn. Last week I won the Jockeys Championship in Mauritius, so of course I am very happy.

A thrilled Take said: "I am very happy to have shared this great event and reach 100 victories outside Japan on my first ride. This would be one of my best memories in Hong Kong, the other was winning the Hong Kong Vase on Stay Gold. I didn't have much confidence going into the competition but I really wanted to win. I thank all the supporters who have come from Japan."

Local jockey Eddy Lai won the second event on Oriental but was unable to add any more points. He took third place.

Laurence Wong, Chief Exececutive of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, said: "This is our first year in partnership with Cathay Pacific and we are looking forward to a long association with them."

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