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2012 Eclipse Media Award Winners



The Eclipse Awards for thoroughbred horse racing

The Eclipse Awards

Glenye Cain Oakford of Daily Racing Form is the winner of the 2012 Media Eclipse Award in the Audio/Multi-Media Internet category for "Zenyatta: Wait for first foal combines science, art, and anticipation," which appeared on drf.com on February 28.

"I'm thrilled. It's tremendously energizing and heartening to earn this recognition from one's colleagues, and I will treasure it," said Oakford, who is senior bloodstock correspondent for Daily Racing Form. "But what makes this most special to me is that the Eclipse Award is also the racehorses' championship. To be placed in their company is very humbling and an honor indeed."

With heightened interest of the impending birth of 2010 Horse of the Year Zenyatta's first foal, Oakford, of Lexington, Ky., developed a multi-media project which captured a behind the scenes look at the people who are responsible for the demanding and often exhausting world of late night foaling of Thoroughbreds. Oakford combined online text of the basics, and potential problems, of the foaling process with a video she filmed, produced and narrated of Eduardo Terrazas and his night-watchman at Terrazas Thoroughbreds, assisting in the birth of a new foal. You can view the entry here.

Honorable mention in the Audio/Multi-Media Internet category went to Paulick Report "Breeders' Cup or Bust: Stories from the Southwest," which focused on efforts to save ex-racehorses in New Mexico.

Judges in the Audio and Multi-Media Internet category were Mike Kane, Thoroughbred journalist; Michael Brunker of MSNBC.com and Brian Nadeau of Horseplayer Now.


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