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Kentucky Derby Barbie


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Kentucky Derby Barbie, new for 2009
Kentucky Derby Barbie

Kentucky Derby Barbie™

© Mattel Inc. and Churchill Downs
Churchill Downs and Mattel Inc. have teamed up this year to create the Kentucky Derby Barbie™ doll. The Kentucky Derby Barbie is dressed in Derby fashion with a floral sun dress, faux pearl necklace and spring sandals. The Kentucky Derby is famous of the ladies hats, so of course she has her own wide brim white hat with rose accents.

"Barbie and the Kentucky Derby have come together to celebrate a legendary American sporting and fashion event," said Stephanie Cota, senior vice president, Barbie. "As a fashion icon, this gorgeous collector doll and replica hat pays tribute to Derby fashion and is sure to excite Barbie collectors, Kentucky Derby fans and fashionistas alike."

The Kentucky Derby Barbie doll costs in the $40-$50 range and is available for purchase through The Derby Store, Walmart, Barbie Collector Dealers, Barbie Collector Catalog, and BarbieCollector.com.

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