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Horse Racing in Japan
An excellent site in English that promotes Japanese racing to the world, assists people coming from other countries to Japan to race and Japanese people going to other countries to race. Includes news, results, location of racecourses, betting guide, and more.

Guide to Horse Racing in Japan
Comprehensive online guidebook in PDF format about the Japanese horse racing industry.

Japanese Racing Info and Glossary
Some interesting facts about Japanese racing as well as bets and terms defined.

JRA Betting Guide
The types of bets taken as well as telephone and off-track betting options.

Entries and Results
Entries and results for the JRA, in English.

Racecourses in Japan
Info about all the tracks and OTBs in Japan.

Japan Racing Association, all in Japanese.

National Association of Racing
The authority for racing by local governments in Japan, at 20 racecourses across the country.

Japan Racing Horse Association
An organization founded in 1970 for the advancement of horse racing in Japan. In English and Japanese.

Japan Race Horse Registry
Japan's studbook is online with pedigree searches available. English and Japanese.

Sankei Sports
The horse racing section of this Japanese language only sports news service.

Keiba Book
Horse racing magazine website in Japanese only.

Carrot Lunch
Nice looking site in Japanese that is very popular if you can believe their counter.

Dennou Keiba Juku
All in Japanese but definitely about horse racing. Some interesting graphics.

The Derby Square
Looks nice and includes a pedigree look-up page but all in Japanese

Hohobono Racing
Looks interesting but all in Japanese

Keiba Fan
In Japanese but looks to have lots of info and some nice photos.

Nitta's Study of Horse Racing
In Japanese

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