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Top 8 Books for Getting into Ownership


Here is a selection of books to help you learn more about becoming a race horse owner. From general information to buying at auctions or claiming, there is a lot to learn before you take that leap. Be sure to study up on all the facets of this expensive and risky game, and be careful when selecting a trainer and vet to advise you.

1. New Thoroughbred Owners Handbook: An Essential Guide to Thoroughbred Ownership

New Thoroughbred Owners Handbook
A nice short introduction to the game is edited by Laura Proctor for the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association. It unravels the mystery of becoming and owner by explaining how to find the horse you’re looking for, how to get the help you’ll need, what steps will be required to get your horse to the racetrack and into the winner’s circle, and how much it will cost.
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2. Diary of a Dream

My Journey in Thoroughbred Racing by George Rowand. Virginia news editor George Rowand took the plunge into ownership and tells us his story in his new book, an emotional roller-coaster ride of triumphs and disappointments. Although his experience may not be typical for most owners, this is an excellent book for any fan who has thought about owning a horse.

3. Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Auctions

This book by staff and correspondents of the Blood Horse is strongly recommended for those who want to get into ownership at some point and those who wish to learn about the mysterious auction market. This book is targetted at novices to the horse ownership game who need to have a full understanding of this high-stakes game.

4. Lightning in a Jar

This newcomer's guide and introduction to the basics of owning a thoroughbred racehorse is by Cot Campbell, head of the well-known Dogwood Stable partnership. He covers subjects such as ownership options, business planning, risks and rewards, and the language of racing in an entertaining manner.
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5. Own a Racehorse Without Spending a Fortune: Partnering in the Sport of Kings

This book by Harold Metzel, an owner of several horses in a variety of partnerships, uses his own experiences to create a practical guide to the carious types and degrees of involvement in ownership, including racing, breeding, and claiming partnerships.
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6. Investing in Thoroughbreds

This practical guide to investing in race horses by thoroughbred advisor Arnold Kirkpatrick helps the newcomer make smart decisions. He discusses the costs, types of ownership, and how to get started in the business, whether you want to start in the claiming ranks or buy at the sales, or start with your own broodmare.
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7. Make Money With Horses: You Can Do It

This pratical how-to by long time horseman Don Blazer provides specific rules for making a profit with weanlings, yearlings, stallions, or broodmares of any breed. Profit potential with race horses is covered as are the tax advantages offered to anyone involved in the horse business.
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8. Complete Guide to Claiming Thoroughbreds: Finding, Fixing, and Making Winners

Tom Ivers is one of the leading equine exercise physiologists in the world. Here he tells you how to claim a horse with potential from someone who doesn't know what they have, make them faster, and start winning races. He tells you how to spot claimers at all price tags that you can improve and how to learn things about them that even the horse's trainer doesn't know.
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