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Top 8 Books for Beginners


Are you new to horse racing and want to get up to speed? Here are some books that will help you with understanding the sport, some of its history, and getting started with handicapping and betting.

1. Win, Place and Show

Win, Place, Show
Are you a new fan who is mystified by some of the terms you have heard used? Or perhaps you are a die-hard fan who has family and friends who can't understand your obsession? This nice little book is an excellent introduction to the world of Thoroughbred racing that can help.

2. Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies

In one of the best books for new racing fans we have seen in some time, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Richard Eng sets out to educate new fans to racing, assuming that the reader has little or no knowledge at all of the game. He not only covers how to handicap and bet, but covers the racetrack environment, including maps of a typical building and a detailed diagram of a 1 mile oval with distance poles and a handy glossary.

3. Handicapping 101

Brad Free has done many newcomers to the sport a great service in writing "Handicapping 101". A constant string of losses early on is an easy way to turn a potential new fan off the sport completely. Free does his best to ensure that a new fan has a chance to be informed enough to survive the pari-mutuel battles. An excellent book for the novice handicapper.

4. Ainslie's Complete Guide to Thoroughbred Racing

Great book for the beginning handicapper that explains what pace, speed class, jockeys, trainer angles, distance etc. are all about.
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5. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Betting on Horses

Despite the name, it actually teaches more about the history and how the sport works than betting. Better for background info then read Ainslie for an introduction to the handicapping.
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6. Bet with the Best

All new strategies from America's leading handicappers including Beyer, Brohamer, Crist, Davidowitz, and more. A great introduction to a large number of different types of handicapping methods.

7. Horse Racing's Holy Grail

Recommended for new fans wanting to learn some recent Derby history or planning to bet the Derby.

8. Seabiscuit: An American Legend

One of the best horse racing books in a long time, this one was on the New York Times bestseller list for ages. Gives you an excellent and entertaining look at one of the best horses during the "golden age" of horse racing.
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