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2007 Breeders Crown Open Races


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Equinox Bi in the winner's circle
Equinox Bi in the winner's circle

Equinox Bi in the winner's circle after the 2007 Breeders Crown Open Trot

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Winning owner Mauro Biasuzzi said, "Every Breeders Crown we've raced, we've won. It's a good record. We were lucky in the stretch, but the horse was good. He raced very good. The first turn, it was very good for Trevor to go inside. The horse was strong. He's a very good horse." Driver Trevor Ritchie added, "I got the call from Scott McKelvie at 5:55 that I was going to drive the horse; I was home on the couch in Acton. I got away third and made a move in the last turn and would have not caught Corleone if John did not have trouble at the end and made the bauble at the wire."
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