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2008 Breeders Crown Open Races


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Corleone Kosmos in the winner's circle
Corleone Kosmos in the winner's circle

Corleone Kosmos in the winner's circle after the 2008 Breeders Crown Open Trot at Mohawk Racetrack

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Winning owner Bryan Owen said, "Much better than losing. Redemption is sweet. He got the total perfect trip for him, and when he got out at the top of the stretch I thought this is our race to lose! It took 30 years to win a Breeders Crown. Boy, that is one expensive trophy."

Driver John Campbell added, "He just didn't keep his mind on his work right through the wire last year. It was disappointing. But a little bit of redemption. He came back and finished the job off tonight. I was fortunate enough to get cover going around the last turn following Enough Talk, and then when I tipped him out, he did the rest. He has won some races on the front but he's better coming at horses. I think that was the key to the race, being able to follow Enough Talk going around the last turn."

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