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2009 North America Cup Day Results


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Well Said heads out for the post parade
Well Said heads out for the post parade

Well Said heads out for the post parade for the 2009 Pepsi North America Cup

© Terence Dulay
Winning co-owner Jeffrey Snyder said, "Never (get tired of winning the race). It's like brand new. It's always the same kind of pressure, jubilation. We get a lot of satisfaction when we pick a horse out as a yearling, race him as a 2-year-old and come back like this. The North America Cup to us is like the major race in harness racing, as far as we're concerned, since we primarily have pacing colts. We love coming up here. We love the people. We love the track and we love the Canadian dollar. The race went according to plan. Ronny (Pierce) wanted to race off a helmet. He said to me last week, if I can follow a horse, I'm going to be able to come home in 25 seconds. And I think that's what he did. He came home in 25 4/5."

Co-owner Susan Grange (Lothlorien Stables) added, "It's very exciting, especially after my mother (Audrey Campbell) winning it twice before with two other horses. So it's a little extra special for us today. He was (awesome), but a horse race is a horse race and it can change at the last minute. When he started to move forward, I had my fingers crossed."

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