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2010 North America Cup Day Results


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Sportswriter in the post parade
Sportswriter in the post parade

Sportswriter in the post parade for the 2010 Pepsi North America Cup at Mohawk Racetrack

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Winning driver Mark MacDonald said, "Well, I think there was a little divine intervention, to be honest with you, because pretty much everything had to go wrong for this to go right for me. And it did. And I got lucky. It's a big win for me. It's pretty emotional. From the middle of the gate, I took him right off. I know everyone said he's from off the pace. I had a lot of confidence in the horse. He's a great horse. I knew Casie had him good. They did a great job. This horse has had 5 quarter cracks since he qualified. It's amazing how good they could get him in four starts. If he was a girl, I'd marry him. All of my big wins have been with (Casie Coleman). Got really lucky to get the drive back on the horse."

Co-owner Steve Calhoun added, "As soon as I saw the (yearling) sale number come up on the Internet, I called Casie and asked her if I could take half. She said you may want to wait and take a look at him when we get home, but I said, no, I'll take half. This is the pinnacle of success for us, for sure. I can't imagine anything better than this. I can't believe my knees are actually holding up. This is the greatest thing in harness racing for us, for sure. The colt race great. I was surprised other horses didn't come a little sooner. I knew at the top of the stretch that he was going to be first or second. He raced like a champion that we know he is and got the job done."

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