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2010 North America Cup Day Results


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Sportswriter in the winner's circle
Sportswriter gets a kiss

Sportswriter gets a kiss from trainer Casie Coleman after winning the 2010 Pepsi North America Cup at Mohawk Racetrack

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Winning trainer Casie Coleman said, "His (foot) issues were my own stupidity. I decided to put aluminum shoes on him after his first qualifier, thinking that was going to help him. I blew one quarter crack on the left front the one on the right front and bruised his heels. So we had to do all that (healing) before we could put his steel shoes back on. Thanks to Jeff Boyd, our blacksmith, he did an unbelievable job., Michel Turgeon, he's his caretaker and Harry Wilson, his assistant trainer. The Mohawk spa, he's been in there twice a day at most. I owe this win a lot to that Mohawk spa. I suggest some guys get in there because it definitely worked on this horse. He raced tremendous last week (third in his elim). He raced his heart out. . Today, he's ready to rock and roll now. Sportswriter's back."
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