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Handicapping Resources Menu

A menu of handicapping essentials from free selections to software to utilities and data.
  1. OTB/Phone Wagering (17)
  2. Race Day Info

How-To Index
Some basic how-to's for placing bets

Free Eight-Week Handicapping Contest at NTRA.com
This new 8 week contest called "Beat the Handicapper" will award weekly cash prizes and the overall winner will get a berth in the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Contest.

Breakage and How it Affects Bettors
Breakage is the downward rounding of the odds on the toteboard that occurs at every track in the U.S.. In certain situations it can have a signifigant impact on the effective takeout rate you get at the track and thus can hurt your overall profits.

What is the Kelly Criterion?
The Kelly Criterion is a money management and dutching system that is designed to maximize the growth of your bankroll over the long term.

At The Track
Handicapping service with pay selections and a free long-shot pick of the week. Also some free strategy articles.

Bet2win Horse Racing
Free selections from several handicappers and newspaper columnists.

California Horses 2 Win
Analysis and selections for Southern California tracks with Free Daily Pick and wagering strategy plus a subscription service

e-ponies Selections
Computer analysis for several circuits. Complete race analysis and free selections.

Full Card Reports
Paid selections for all tracks plus some free picks and strategies if you register.

Handicapper's Learning Center
"Master1 Complete Sheet" subscriptions, Gold and Silver Plays, software program, and free daily selections.

Horses Wild
Daily selections by three or four regular handicappers.

Free performance ratings for four tracks daily. Also sells the software so you can make your own figures for any track.

Professional Handicapper's Association
Free online Cyber Handicapping Classes.

Public Handicapper.Com
Handicapping contest anyone can join and you can view their picks each week.

The Racing Edition
Selections for Southern California from newspaper handicappers Jack Karlik and Mike Superstein. Starting up December 26, 2006, and free for the first month.

Selections by the Wizard
Daily selections and plays for all major racetracks by Michael Kipness, including Pick 3/4/6 and Trifecta. Formerly at BRISnet now at DRF.com.

Selecting Winning Horses the Las Vegas Way
Free online Cyber Handicapping Classes from the Professional Handicappers Association.

Speed Figures.com
Free daily spot plays and for a limited time free speed figure reports. Also sells speed figure reports and par charts.

Stable Picks
Handicapping service that also offers some free selections.

Free Handicapping Selections

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