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Links to horse racing games either to purchase or play online.

Gallop Racer
From your About.com guide - If you have a Sony Playstation this is the game for you!

Kentucky Derby Board Games
From Erik Arneson our About.com guide to board games, info about some of the fun Derby games of the past.

Action Games
Offers Quarter Pole and Hooves of Thunder games plus vintage art and stained glass creations.

Cascoly Triple Crown
Online multiplayer game of horse trading, breeding and racing.

Classic Racing Games
Photos of vintage racing games from as old as the 1890's

Derby Stallion
A horse racing simulation game for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sony PlayStation. Comes in a regular and advanced version.

An interactive multi-player gaming site that allows you to own, train, race and bet on virtual horses against other Digiturf.com members for real stakes money.

Horse Racing Fantasy
Neat computer game that has over 150 past champions programmed in with their full past performances so you can let them race each other. Free shareware version. Currently offering special Triple Crown simulations.

Mosaic Farms
Simulated racing farm with lots of links to other sites related to this hobby.

Racing Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge on four different topics: Triple Crown, Breeders' Cup, Queen's Plate, and Seabiscuit. See how you rank against other fans.

An online fantasy racing game where you can buy, race, and breed your own horses. Everything works just like in the real world and it is very detailed.

Simulated Racing
Similar to fantasy racing but grew out of the model horse hobby.

SimulatedSports.com’s Horse Racing Game
Fantasy racing using horses based on real horse lineages.

Sporting Gifts
A nice selection of horse racing computer games. They also have a good selection of board games.

SIM Thoroughbred American Racers, a simulated racing club where members own, sell, breed, and race their own "cyber horses"

A toteboard overlay game that helps you learn how to read a toteboard.

Unreal Racing
Online interactive horse racing game where you are the trainer and make all the decisions.

Oz Horse Racing Jokes
A large collection of Australian horse racing jokes

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