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2008 Arc de Triomphe Undercard Stakes


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Marchand D'or and Davy Bonilla
Marchand D'or and Davy Bonilla

Marchand D'or and Davy Bonilla head out for the post parade for the 2008 Prix de l'Abbaye

© Vanessa Ng
Winning jockey Davy Bonilla said, "The race unfolded as I had thought it would. Behind Equiano, we had a wonderful trip and despite a short flat moment. He responded alright when I urged him to go though. It is a shame for the record. We could have beaten that as I was free wheeling in the last 150 yards. I was not to keen on asking him anything more. The race was in the bag."

Winning trainer Freddy Head said, "I've never known a horse like him, going back to the great British sprinters over the years like Dayjur. I've never ridden a horse as quick myself either and he proved he can run in Group Ones from five to seven furlongs. We might well go to Hong Kong now if he is OK."

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