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Feed, Supplies and Supplements

Sources for feed, supplies, and supplements for all breeds.

American Livestock Supply
Lots of health and grooming items on their catalog.

Big D's Tack and Vet Supplies
All types of supplies for horses

Supplement to improve joint function.

Dr. Benson's Products
Nutritional supplements, poultices, and other health supplies.

Body building nutritional supplements

Herbal supplements and homeopathic treatments

Equine Miracle Leg Paint
A treatment to cure and prevent lameness.

Exodus Breeders Supply
A wholesale reproductive supply company, solely dedicated to the horse breeder.

Probiotic microbial feed supplements to maintain proper digestion.

Grand Meadows
Supplements for joints and hooves.

Home Stretch
Equine sports cream for relief of muscle and joint soreness.

Horse Plaza
A virtual mall for horse people. Lots of different products available. Very irritating page with too much animation.

Kelato Horse Performance Products
All types of supplements, poultices, and other health products.

Jones Feed Mills Ltd.
Lots of different race and performance horse feeds and supplements.

Keratex Hoofcare Products
Also includes lots of information and advice about problem hooves.

Lincs Aromatics
Natural aromatic rememdies

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals
Equine division, makers of Adequan and other products for joint problems.

Moor Man's Equine
Nutritional supplements and advice

Sea Horse Equine Feeding Supplement
Shark cartilage feed supplement that is supposed to help with bucked shins, arthritis, and other joint/bone problems.

Sure Nutrition
Nutritional supplements like biotin and electrolytes.

Therapeutic Resources Pty. Ltd.
Makers of "The Lotion" a natural tendon and ligament treatment for horses.

A new electromedical device that generates increased bloodflow to an injury treating strains, sore backs, bowed tendons, stocking-up, etc.

Triple Crown Nutrition
Equine nutritional specialist with various feeds and supplements. Used by Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Funny Cide.

Nutritional supplements

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