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2006 Kentucky Farm Tour


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Afleet Alex at Gainesway Farm
Afleet Alex at Gainesway Farm

Afleet Alex at Gainesway Farm

Terence Dulay
2005 Preakness and Belmont winner Afleet Alex needs little introduction. His owners had hoped he could continue his racing career as a 4-year-old, but an injury found after the Belmont refused to heal properly and he was forced into early retirement. His new home, Gainesway Farm, dedicated its open house to him, inviting visitors over to the quarantine barn where he was brought out to walk along a path. Visitors were given an opportunity to pet him and take photographs, and he was very well-behaved for his many fans, while playfully chewing on his lead shank. He stands for a fee of $40,000. Click here for more photos of Afleet Alex at Gainesway. You can also click here for photos of the other Gainesway stallions.
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