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Seabiscuit Movie Review


Seabiscuit Movie

A scene from the new Seabiscuit movie to be released on July 25th by Universal Studios.

Universal Studios
With the movie out now, the amount of Seabiscuit information and, of course, merchandise is booming. Here are some links to just about anything Seabiscuit you could want to know or own.

The Movie

Information Fun Stuff
  • Seabiscuit Trivia Quiz - test your knowledge of Seabiscuit
  • Seabiscuit postcards - a selection of 6 different photos to send to online friends as postcards
  • Seabiscuit Clip Art - a selection of my original Seabiscuit clip art to use on your website or in your signature
  • Seabiscuit wallpaper - this one is 800x600 with his statue in the middle and 4 smaller old photos around it. Also available is the statue alone in 800x600 or 1024x768. These are large images and will be slow to download. Once you see them, you can right click on the image to set it as your wallpaper.
Videos and DVDs Books Merchandise
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