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Eastern Europe

Alex the Great
Recently moved to Pulec Hrebcin Mimon in Czechosolvakia.

Czech Racing and Breeding with Quayle Bloodstock
Central and Eastern European thoroughbred racing and breeding with Czech and regional race results.

Estonia Harness Racing
Tallinna Hipodroom in Tallinn, Estonia. Does have info in English.

Hipodrom Most
Czech Republic racecourse in Most. No English version, all in Czech, and only works properly in Internet Explorer.

Racecourse Pardubice
Racecourse in the Czech republic which is home of the famous Velká Pardubická Steeplechase held in October each year.


Türkiye Jokey Kulübü
The Turkish Jockey Club with information all about horse racing in Turkey: news, history, important races, and results. A good bit of it is in English.

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