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Tuesday November 2, 2010, Breeders' Cup Works


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Zenyatta arrives at Churchill Downs

Zenyatta arrives at Churchill Downs

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November 2, 2010

Tuesday morning was noticeably cooler than Monday, with the temperature in the low 40's and a light breeze. A number of Breeders' Cup contenders again took to the track and turf courses, but with only 1 timed work. Post positions were drawn 3 hours after the end of training.

Zenyatta arrived at Barn 41 at Churchill Downs on Tuesday just before noon. At 2:00am PT on Tuesday she left her barn to board a chartered Tex Sutton flight from Orange County Airport, with 10 other Southern California-based Breeders' Cup entrants, which left at 5:00am. The plane landed at 11:30am ET at Louisville International Airport, and she boarded a chartered horse van accompanied by police escort, arriving at Barn 41 on the Churchill Downs backstretch at 11:50am.

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