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Thursday November 4, 2010, Breeders' Cup Works


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Goldikova will attempt to become the first three-peat winner of a Breeders' Cup race when she again faces males in the Mile on Saturday. She cantered on the main track Thursday as trainer Freddy Head looked on. Head said, "She can do a lot of things. Last year, she came from way back. Last time (Prix de la Foret) she led from the start. She is very, very handy. It all depends on the pace – the faster the better for her. We leave that all to (jockey Olivier) Peslier. She’s put on weight since last year, she’s stronger, but she’s the same. She’s kept that willingness. She’s still fresh like a 3-year-old. She doesn’t seem tired of racing. That’s what is so great about her.”
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