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Top 10 Handicapping Books


There are as many styles and methods of handicapping as there are people betting the races. That isn't to say one is better than the rest, all have merit. Here are 5 picks from both classics and recent books that you may want to check out.

1. Bet with the Best: All New Strategies from America's Leading Handicappers

Bet with the Best
From the Daily Racing Form Press and includes Beyer, Brohamer, Crist, Davidowitz, Litfin, Quinn, Shuback, Stich, and Watchmaker. An excellent book that everyone should read.

2. The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping: Leading Ideas and Methods

The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping
Leading Ideas and Methods by James Quinn. Quinn demystifies the art of handicapping for profit, and he makes plain even the most advanced ideas and methods of the experts. Highly recommended.

3. Picking Winners: A Horseplayer's Guide

A classic where Andy Beyer first introduced his speed handicapping concept and he shows how to compute the now famous Beyer speed figures. Updated with a new foreward by the author where he discusses the changes that have swept the sport since its first publication.

4. Handicapping 101

Finding the Right Horses and Making the Right Bets by Brad Free. This is an excellent book for the novice handicapper in particular, but is also valuable for long-time racegoers intending to significantly increase their level of play or wanting to brush up on their handicapping and betting techniques.

5. Betting Thoroughbreds: A Professional's Guide for the Horseplayer

By Steve Davidowitz. Totally revised and expanded to cover the newest forms of wagering and the latest handicapping theories, with examples of how to apply them, this book proves that the key to winning at the track is not in one all-powerful secret, but involves using the right tools at the right time.
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6. Off the Charts

Turning Result Charts Into Profitable Selections at the Track by Nick Borg. A useful book for learning how to do chart analysis to make selections rather than relying on the past performance lines.

7. Go for the Green

Turf Racing Made Easy by Bill Heller. If you like to play turf races, you should read this book.

8. The Handicapper's Condition Book

By James Quinn. To win at the races you need to eliminate the losers. This book gives the serious handicapper the tools to choose the horses that are really in contention for todays race. With the help of this book and some reasonable handicapping skills, one can see a difference at the betting windows.
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9. Modern Pace Handicapping

By Tom Brohamer and Howard Sartin. If you want be a winning horseplayer you need an understanding of pace. The method takes work and does not pick winners but gives you an analysis of the race the average bettor does not have. You can find the true cotenders which gives you the opportuntiy to identify underlays which can result in big payoffs in exotics.
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10. The Odds Must Be Crazy

Len Ragozin and his famed "sheets" are legendary in horse-racing circles, so anyone who is at all serious about handicapping will want to read his book. He won't explain how handicappers can compile their own numbers and make their own sheets using his methodology, but Ragozin does provide some insights into what he calls "condition handicapping," which involves using patterns created by race-by-race speed figures to project future performances.
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